SvTech World is a place founded by two boys from Lucknow (UP), named Vivek Kushwaha and Saurabh Chauhan in December 2016. They are freaks of technology and new gadgets introduced in the world. They are curious about every new launch of gadget and technological events.

They also run a YouTube channel in the name of SvTech World, where they provide Tech how to, Gadget unboxing, Tutorials and Tech News. Where as Saurabh is currently pursuing BCA and Vivek Kushwaha has completed his Civil Engineering Diploma. Now they both are set to take their world created in the name of SvTech World to the highest point in tech blogging over the internet.


Saurabh Chauhan

Co-Founder and CEO of SvTech World


Vivek Kushwaha

Founder of SvTech World