All about Jio`s Free 4G Basic phone with Powerfull features

Phone Revealed at AGM by JIO

After long time, we came accross different rumours photo leaks and different prices about Reliance industries most awaited basic phone by Jio infocomm has been launched yesterday 21 july. Company named it The Jio Phone “India ka phone”. Phone is equipped with features like a smartphone like NFC, voice access and Panic Button. Panic button is like to work when you longpress 5 button keypad, and it will send your location to your trusted contact via SMS.


This phone is Completely free (price: 0) if you want to get this phone you have to pay 1500 Rs. for 3 years as shell out a refundable, upfront deposit which is completely refundable in 3 years and you have to register for phone from myjio app and it may be available in september for everyone. As we all know that companies service is ristricted to only smartphones users as it offers only 4G services, So expand its user base campany planned to launch a basic bar phone to reach all the users even in village areas where most peoples prefer a basic bar phone as it is easy to use.


This phone is completly safe for digital mobile payments claimed by jio, and it works like Smasung pay or Apple pay. This phone is also supported by 22 diiferent regional languages. The best feature of this phone is,  phone connects to any kind of TV`s and you can redirect its digital content to the TV screen. Whereas you can also play Jio cinema and Jio Music app on the TV.



4G VoLTE, 2.4-inch display, panic button, expandable storage, and FM radio, alphanumeric keyboard, 4 way navigation system, microphone and speaker, 3.5mm Headphone jack, Jio apps and NFC for payments and basic gadget control. This phone also support Voice access, it means you can make calls, send text message and also you can play audio and videos Via Voice commands online/offline both.

We can say that Jio is doing terrible experiments to expand its userbase of there services by offering cool offer to the customers. By this entry level phone Jio sends a strong message to its rivals where as it is Telecom or in smartphone market. All the other comapnies have to think over it again to how to fight Jio`s extreme cheap and effective offers, which are changing customers minds towards to own Jio Services.

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