Babylon Traffic Tool Review: A Powerful Automatic Traffic Generator Tool

Babylon Traffic Tool

Are you new in blogging? Did you just deployed your site? or you want to attract Google to index your posts quickly, all these tasks requires high traffic and visitors attention also. This process take lot of time. So, as we know that we need more traffic on website, here comes the Babylon Traffic Tool which provide you Bot generated as well as Geo-Targeted Fake Visitors on your Website.

What is Babylon Traffic Tool ?

Babylon Traffic is your one stop solution for getting the high quality and cheap traffic you always need. Babylon Traffic Tool enables you to drive millions of visits, from hundreds of countries and any devices you want.

Babylon traffic tool provides you easy and advance behavior control on your visits which helps you to control your bounce rate, time on visits retention, page views as well as modified action control.

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What Babylon Traffic Tool can does for you?

Babylon Traffic‘s Website Traffic Generator software opens up a door of website traffic and visibility goals for you.

  • Buy Traffic for any website you want, you can setup multiple website at a time to derive visits on your sites in Geo-Targeted Manner.
  • Babylon Traffic Tool provides you accessibility to setup visitors origin to a specific Country location in the world.
  • Babylon Traffic Tool Allows you to setup visits to a specific device such as Mobile & Desktop.
  • In earning from website, the bounce rate is major factor which defines the revenue making, Where as Babylon Traffic Tool can solve your problem easily by defining the visitors retention to the site.
  • With Babylon Traffic Tool you can flood traffic to your Website, Blog and YouTube Channel or Video.

Plans for Subscription

Babylon Traffic Tool offers you their cost effective plans to generate fake Geo-Targeted Traffic for your website, which Starts from Lowest price of $9.9 per Month to $99 per Month. Every plan has different setup to meet requirement of Everyone. You choose from the plans given below.

Babylon traffic Tool Price list

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How to Setup Babylon Traffic Tool?

The setup of the tool is quite easy as you have to choose a plan as per your need and then follow the steps mentioned below:

babylon traffic Tool

Step 1: First of all you select “Create New Project”  to then give a name to it and Move further.

Babylon traffic tool

Step 2: Once your project created, it’s time to create your first campaign. Simply create on “Create A New Campaign!” Now add you website URL you want to derive traffic or you can simply add your blog post URL, after adding URL you have to select your daily views as per your plan you want on your blog post.

Babylon Traffic Tool

Step 3: Now after doing this simple process you can edits settings as per your need such as mobile visits percentage, visits from a specific country location, enable/disable adsense ads, Time/Date of campaign, launches in a day as well as action after launches.

Babylon traffic Tool

Step 4:  In this last step, you can setup the behavior as per you need, in this section you can edit the visit retention as well as you can setup a automatic click to a link provided by you.

Babylon traffic Tool

Step 5:  Now Sit back, Take a Cup of Tea and Watch Babylon Tool in Action.


As we all know that there are various similar tools available over the Internet, this tool also have same functonality but they are providing it at the low cost. In our final words if you really need this type of hacks to master SEO, rank higher or you want to maintain your bounce rate of your website, then you can go with this tool.

See the Babylon Traffic Tool in Action

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