Check Samsung Chargers & Accessories Before You Buy | Original VS Duplicate


As we all know that Samsung is the World’s largest electronics manufacturer, and in India Samsung is the second largest mobile seller (Xiaomi is on the Top). We all know about counterfeit products, but if we have given identical product of Samsung, as in general could not identify its genuine or not. In this article we will talk about some fine yet powerful facts and symbols which you find only in original Samsung accessories & Products. We don’t want that you purchase an item whether online or even offline which is duplicate and counterfeit. Lets go through some identifications which helps a lot in purchasing Samsung accessories.

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Difference-between-Original-and-fake-chargers samsung
Double Check the Samsung Logo printed on the Chargers

Check Before You Buy Samsung Accessories (Bonafide Chek)

Before you purchase a Samsung charger from nearby store you should look at in the event that it is bonafide or not. Counterfeit chargers not just cost you the cash for that charge yet additionally can influence you cell phone. Impact of Fake chargers Right off the bat you will be charged more for that charger since you are acquiring counterfeit charge at Original charger cost.

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samsung duplicate charger check neck
Check around neck of socket

The charger is of low quality hence forth won’t give the correct measure of charge to your versatile smartphone. Supply of Low or High voltage to your smartphone can influence your cell phone battery. Your cell phone battery can eventually swollen in view of that phony bad amperage charger. These are the impact of Fake charger which can cost a huge number of cash.

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samsung duplicate charger check the USB port
Carefully see the groove which is in duplicate charger
  • It may damage your battery.
  • It affects the normal performance of the phone.
  • It may even cause battery explosion by wrong voltage supplied to battery by incorrect charger spec.
Original data cables have shorter micro USB ports

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So my proposal is to pursue this post and see the photographs joined here which can make simple for you to distinguish the distinction amongst phony and unique charger. Given here are some photos in which you can find the minor things of an original charger and that of a fake charger.

fake products have low quality material & poor product finish

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Always remember that Original charger provides the correct voltage and current rating for your phone.

Just see these images and do observe these minor things when you go for purchasing Original accessories and Chargers.

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