3 Simple Ways to Download Tik Tok (Musical.ly) Videos [Complete Guide]


Tik Tok (Musical.ly) is fastest growing short video sharing app. Where you find peoples doing some crazy stuff every minute to make peoples laugh. Some creators make lip sync videos and some make dance video. All this just for entertainment, so where ever peoples find entertainment, we all tend to share it with others, as we all know (Sharing is Caring :)).

So you want to share Tik Tok videos with your loving friends, that great. Tik Tok allows it’s users to share these videos with others. Just need to know how you can download them or share them directly. Let’s know all three ways to download your favourite videos.

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How to Download Tik Tok Videos?

There are mainly three easy ways you can download your favorite video and share them with all your friends and family members.

  1. Direct Tik Tok App Method
  2. Direct Website Method
  3. Third Party App Method

Let know about each method one by one.

Built-in Tik Tok App Method

This is the best and very easy method to download your favourite Tik Tok videos. You need not to visit any website or download any other app. Your main app is enough for this task. Just follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Now Open Tik Tok App and select video you want to download on your phone.

Step 2: Now Click On Share icon on the right bottom, below comment button.

Step 3: After that step it will show you option of “Save Video” Now tap it and it will download your video. It really a simple process, see image below for more details.

Now you know how you can download Tik Tok Video via direct method but you can download it with 2 more ways. Follow the steps below.

Tech Tip: Some videos are not downloadable because Tik Tok allow it’s video creator to limit download or reach of the video. User can select it Privacy settings, like private or public, which restrict private videos from downloading. 🙂

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Direct Website Method

If somehow you do not have Tik Tok installed or you don’t want to installed, but you got a tik tok video link from you friend. You follow the steps below to download that video or watch that video:

Step 1: Open Chrome and Paste that link there, open that link in chrome browser in you phone.

Step 2: Once page is loaded you need to long press on video.

Step 3: It will show you some option, now press on “Save this video”. Your video will be downloaded. Task is done !!

Third Party App Method

There are numerous apps available on Playstore that claims to download Tik Tok video. You can try some of them, most of them are not working but some apps are really good for this task.

Because these apps can download the video without Tik Tok watermark on it. Event you can select multiple videos of a creator to download in a playlist. isn’t it cool.

Try this app named “Video Downloader – For TikTok” the best thing about this app is, there are no annoying ads. That is really great feature from it’s developers.

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So guys these are the 3 most easy methods to download a tik tok video, for with you different purposes. The best method is 1st method which is really easy and fast you really don’t need any other app or website. Just click save video you’re done. 🙂

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