How to Earn by Writing Articles on UC NEWS?


Nowdays, peoples are more busy in their work, they have no time to read news or watch T.V in this way a smartphone app can help them out by let them reading some news on their smartphones. This way news apps like Newsdog and UC NEWS are more use full for every person who want quick updates and latest news on their smartphone. These companies are also monitoring  junk articles on their platform by scanning of articles published by writers and there is lot of popular news agencies are also publishing articles on the these platforms. That`s why the article are genuine and original.

If you think that you have ability to write and you think that articles written by you will be liked by audience then you are ready to grab this opportunity. Lets start the process of signup…

NOTE: You must have a PAN CARD for Media Publishers account application. 

uc homeStep 1. You have to visit UC Media publishers website to signup: click here

Step 2. Click signup and fill the required details.

After all this you will receive an e-mail about this matter and you have to wait about 24 hours, for approval process and after that you will receive an email regarding the approval. if approved then you are ready to publish your latest post on UC NEWS.

For Earnings you have to write an articles and have to share to get 2000 views on any of your post on UC NEWS and after that when your account become 7 days old and any of your post achieved 2000 views. Now you can apply for ads monetization. After all this your post will get ads and that will be calculated for daily revenue.

This way you will get money according to daily views on your posts. UC NEWS pay you after you get $50 in your account. You can apply for payment once in a month and your money will be transferred to your bank after 2 days of application.

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