#Event National Student Summit 2k17 : Education System- Enemy Of Dreams



Basically it’s a platform for enjoyment of those students who think education system is not helping them to follow up their dreams.
Students will Provide their thoughts and ideas regarding what they want to change in our education system through several Activities like Dance, Signing, and Debate e.t.c., so that it will help students to follow up their dreams, and where it has worked well. They will also have opportunity to ask questions regarding their thoughts to the concern person is & was in government. In return we will reward them with attractive prizes like#Laptops, #Tablets, #Smartphones & Many more……


A lot of students find it hard to follow up their dreams due to the education system, they find that they have to choose only one either Studies or Dreams (Most of students drop their studies for their dreams), So we need to create a education system where students can follow up both dreams as well as studies, and Government is working to improve the Education System – so that students can follow up their dreams and help in growth n Development of Country.


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Have you not been able to gain benefits in the Indian educational system? Have you difficulties in figuring out your choice to follow up your dream or Studies?
You are hereby invited to the National Student Summit 2017 to discuss on our educational system!

In nearly 95% of the cases around us, it has been seen that the person who has fulfilled his or her dreams has had to leave his studies in the middle. What is the reason for this ? The mess is in the education system or in the person……

The main objective of this summit is to overcome these dilemmas of the students. At the same time, the students will have the opportunity to keep their suggestions and responses in front of the government representatives.
We need your cooperation to reach these challenges to the education system and to make recommendations to the government.

This is your #chance – and a unique #opportunity – if you have experience of challenges, or have good ideas for the future. So, you can keep your point, the representatives of the government will be present at the Summit and will listen to your information. Cash prizes will be given to the students, who best express their feelings and best wishes.

#ENTRY : #Free but on Passes { For Passes Kindly Contact to the concern person as given below }

#Registration :-

#Singing – ₹500
#Dance – ₹500

#Singing – ₹2000
#Dancing – ₹2000
#Debate – ₹200

{ The registration fee is to cover administration costs. Lunch and drinks will be provided at venue. }

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