Evergreen Mobile Accessories under Rs. 500 in 2018, Must Have??


In this article you will see some cool Mobile Accessories which can make your mobile phone most productive part of your day to day life. Every Mobile Accessories listed in this article, you can buy under Rs. 500 in India on any online store. We are living in a world where mobile phone is now our basic need, and we can do more with this device with just few smart addon gadgets. Let check them out.

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dual port pendrive Mobile Accessories under Rs. 500

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Dual port Pen Drive

All the latest mobile phone now support OTG connectivity for big data file transfer from Pen Drive to phone or phone to Pen Drive. For normal data transfer you need OTG Cable to connect your Pen Drive , but now this technological world you can skip the use OTG Cable and you can directly connect your Pen Drive to phone or PC. You can easily get 8GB to 16GB storage Dual Port Pen Drive on online stores in just Rs. 500.

cheap power bank - Mobile Accessories under Rs. 500

Power Bank

Everybody want a smartphone with more battery juice but there is limit on choice of this option, most of the mobile phones in the market are loaded with just 3000mAh to 4000mAh battery option. By this way need of Power bank arises, also sometimes power bank can be life saver for corporate workers and peoples in stuck in natural calamities. You can get 5000mAh to 10000mAh power bank in just Rs. 500 on online stores.

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mobile phone tripod - Mobile Accessories under Rs. 500

Mobile tripod

If you’re are a youtuber or like mobile photography, then you must need a mobile tripod which can help you in stabilising your mobile phone for perfect shot. I’m sure you see a great difference in both the shots. There are small and big size mobile tripods available on amazon or flipkart you can get them in just 500 rupees.

vr box - Mobile Accessories under Rs. 500

VR Box

If you like to watch movies or TV/Original shows in your mobile phone, then you should definitely give it a shot. VR Box are smart wearable which can enhance your entertainment factor. There are many brands who are selling it on some high price but you can non branded in just 500 rupees from amazon or flipkart.

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