How to Download WhatsApp Stories?

All you can do to save your favorite stories is to get a screenshot. But what about the videos. Have you ever felt to download the status but got disappointed!


Hey guys, hope you all are enjoying WhatsApp latest feature i.e WhatsApp stories or Status. We are going to tell you How to Download WhatsApp Stories. The feature which was earlier seen in Snapchat and Instagram is now also available in WhatsApp. But as you all must be aware of the time limit for which this status is shown. It disappears automatically after 24 hours. You can watch it but you can’t download it. Perhaps, WhatsApp has not got the feature to download these stories.

All you can do to save your favorite stories is to get a screenshot. But what about the videos. Have you ever felt to download the status but got disappointed!

Don’t worry; you have to no more face such disappointment. You have come to the right place, just sit back and read till end to know how to download WhatsApp stories before they disappear. We will need a third party application to download the WhatsApp stories as WhatsApp itself has no such feature.

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How to Download WhatsApp Stories

If you directly want to save the status then you can use the whatsapp mod like Gbwhatsapp. Many applications are available in the play store by which you can save the stories. Some of them are mentioned below. Choose the one you like and enjoy saving stories.


Story Saver for WhatsApp

We have an application called ‘Story Saver for WhatsApp. You can get this application from the play store for free. Download and install it. It has easy and fast installation process that lets you to quickly download the WhatsApp stories from your WhatsApp account. It has a good User interface.

Story saver for WhatsApp app is very easy to use. This application works for both the WhatsApp as well as OGWhatsApp. It can download the WhatsApp stories from your WhatsApp account when you want them to be downloaded.

Steps to download Stories using this application are:

Step 1. Download third party application ‘Story Saver for WhatsApp App’ from the Play Store

This application is needed as WhatsApp does not have inbuilt feature to download the stories. Go to the play store and you can easily find this app by typing its name.

Step 2. Explore the app that you installed in above step

Story Saver for WhatsApp app has a very good User Interface. You will not face any kind of problem in using it. When you open this application, you will find an option named as ‘Recent Stories’. By clicking on this option, you will get all the WhatsApp stories of your WhatsApp account which are currently visible.

Step 3. Download WhatsApp Status/ Stories

From the step 2, just click on the status or story which you want to download. As soon as you open any WhatsApp story, you will get to see an option for downloading it. The download button is located at the top of user screen. Click on this button and the story will be saved.

If you don’t want to open or view it and just simply download it, just hold the story and then it will show a list of options. From the list of options, you will see an option named as ‘save’. Click on this option and it will download the WhatsApp story automatically.

Step 3: Saved Stories

The stories that you downloaded by following the above steps will be saved in your device gallery. You can then use them like any other photo or video in your device gallery. You can share them, view them, delete them and manage them like any other photo or video in the gallery.

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Status Saver Application

This is yet another application from which you can download or save the WhatsApp stories. You can download it from the Play Store. It is also available for free.  It has an easy installation process. You don’t have to register or login. You can simply get the stories in your gallery by using this application.

Status Saver for WhatsApp

This is also one of the applications used for saving the WhatsApp Stories and Status. It is also easy to use and downloads the WhatsApp status and Stories quickly. This app syncs you’re your WhatsApp account and gets all the stories and Status from your account. Just click on the story that you want to download.  Hit on the save button. The WhatsApp downloaded story will be saved in your device gallery.

Many more such applications are also there but I think the above mentioned will work fine. Whatsapp group feature is also attractive. I have personally used these applications and they seemed awesome. But always do keep in mind to seek permission before saving someone status and respect their privacy. So just enjoy and use this new trick to your friends as well.

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