[Custom Rom] [Elite Plus]HOW TO INSTALL CynogenMod 12.1 IN SWIPE ELITE PLUS



Hey buddies we here with our new post about, installation of cynogenmod 12.1 unofficial in our SWIPE ELITE PLUS. we are writing this post because there is no proper and clear process on internet, we are also using elite plus and faced many problem in installation of roms. As we came to know that there are 3 phone in market with same configurations.

  2. TCL M3G

WARNING: Perform all procedure at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage to your phone. But all of this procedure is completly tested by us.

First of all we need to convert our Elite Plus to TCL M3G for this you have to flash official firmware of TCL M3G to Elite Plus Phone.

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Download TCL M3G click here

Drivers :

  1. Android USB driver click here
  2. Qualcomm drivers click here

QPST TOOL click here

It is strongly recommended that you backup your QCN file which contains the Phone radio module and IMEI information.

  • Click on backup it will generate a file at given file path.



  1. Download TCL M3G firmware zip, Elite plus drivers and QPST tool for flashing.
  2. Install the drivers and the QPST tool.
  3. Extract the TCL M3G firmware zip.
  4. Run QFIL application, it will automatically detect your phone.
  5. It will automatically selects the qualcomm port. Incase the phone is not detected, then goto Device Manager >> Action >> Add Legacy Hardware >> Choose the manual method >> Show All Devices >> Have Disk >> Locate the divers the folder path. It will then install the required qualcomm drivers.
  6. Now in QFIL select Build type to Flat build.
  7. Browse the programmer path and select the prog_emmc_firehose.mbn file.
  8. Load the XML file (raw_program) as by browsing it.dm-mode
  9. Put the phone in download mode by pressing the volume +,- and power button simultaneously for 10 seconds. It will popup for download mode then long press volume + key to enter the DM mode.
  10. Now click download now in QFIL.
  11. Wait till the downloading is finished.

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Power on phone it will show the linux logo, it means the rom is properly flashed.

QFIL Application

Install TWRP

  1. Download the custom TWRP recovery of UMI eMAX mini. click here
  2. Goto to Setting >> Developer Options >> Enable USB debugging mode
  3. Connect the phone to the PC and run the twrp_emax_mini.exe  it will ask for authorisation. Allow the authorisation.
  4. Install the recovery.

Now for Custom ROM…

Download link for Cynogenmod 12.1 click here

After downloading the cm 12.1 follow the procedure:

  1. Copy the cm 12.1.zip to the sd card.
  2. Reboot to TWRP recovery mode. (Power+ Volume down)
  3. In Twrp mode select install.
  4. Select the cm12.1 zip and tick option clear Dalvik cache & cache and swipe to flash it.
  5. Now reboot the phone to system.
  6. Wait for the 1st boot (approx 3-5 minutes)
  7. Voila!!! You have successfully installed the cm12.1 with advanced features.

To install Gapps follow the same process of ROM installation in TWRP

To download Gapps ARM64 Android 5.1 Micro or nano. click here

Incase you want back your swipe elite plus original android 5.1 software.

Then follow the QFIL procedure form step 4.

Download : click here

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