(Latest) Best way to get more subscribers and Views on YouTube [Updated 2017]


I don’t know; what is your channels theme but the formula applies everywhere,

Hey I’m not going to tell you how to get 1k subscribers daily but the trick is simple….

At least post 1 video in 2 days….

More views = More chance to get subscribed

So focus to attract viewers with quality content to click your videos, create attractive and suspense full thumbnail and title, also give a brief and clear description. Put more tags related to your videos topic.

And the most important thing youtuber have to do is share it on social sites,

Create your channel’s Facebook page , twitter handle and instagram profile, also learn to use reddit these work to get attention of viewers who subscribed you and followed you on these social sites keep them updated with daily post related to your theme.

Best way to get more views is to join huge members group related to your theme of channel on Facebook share your content and ask them to like your page and subscribe you!!!

That it !!! This your smart efforts that take you to high point so don’t forget to post quality and informative content so that people don’t feel that they are not wasting their money and time aswell!

Hint: Enjoy your work and interact with your subscribers also try reply more as you can and ask them the quality of your content. Reply more comments say thanks to them about writing you so they automatically subscribe by your attention!!

This way you see your subscribers start increasing day by day.

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