[Latest] How to Root your MI MAX 2 With or Without PC [Easy Safe & Secure]

Hello friends, and Welcome to the SvTech World. Most of the peoples are searching for a latest and working method to root your Xiaomi Mi Max 2 with or without PC. But Still there is no option available to root your phone without PC. If you have a PC then you can go through and follow the steps to root your Xiaomi Mi Max 2 in just 5 mins. Its a quick and easy guide to follow.

Advantages of rooting Mi max 2

  • You Will be able to use apps that need root access
  • You will be able to install custom roms on your phone
  • You will be able to Do customization’s on your phone

Disadvantages of rooting Mi Max 2

  • Warranty will be voided after you root your device
  • Editing system files may brick your device

How to root your latest Xiaomi Mi Max 2

Download all the given files TWRPSuperSU, and ADB. The important part is to Unclock BootLoader. To Unlock Bootloader got to Developer Options and Enable OEM Unlocking to unlock the bootloader.

Step 1:

  • Now unzip your ADB file and move TWRP Recovery file into the ADB Folder.
  • Now Switch off your phone, after that you have to put your phone in FASTBOOT mode press (Power + Vol Down – Button).
  • Now Connect your phone to PC,
  • Now in the ADB Folder press and hold Shift Button and just Right Click here and now Select Open Command Window Here.
  • After all this you have to give some command
  • First, to check FastBoot Devices- “fastboot devices“.
  • Second, to flash Recovery – “fastboot flash recovery (Recovery Name.img)”.  Copy/paste name and must add .img extention at the end Example: recovery.img
  • Hit Enter … this will flash TWRP recovery image.

Now Boot into Recovery Mode by pressing (power buuton + Volume up + button). Leave buttons after Mi Logo appears.

Step 2:

  • After booting into Recovery. Now Select you language and swipe to allow.
  • Now again select Never Show this Again  and swipe Right to allow Read only.
  • Optional but Recommended (Select Wipe => Format and type yes to Format Data Once), this will delete all internal data. This step is here to provide full and smooth functioning of root.
  • Now goto Reboot => Select Recovery this will reboot again in Recovery.
  • Now, Extract the SuperSU zip file and copy the both Files into your phones Internal Memory.
  • After this, Go-To install and select the SuperSU File and Swipe to Flash it.
  • Now again select the Lazy Flasher Zip file and and swipe to confirm the flash.
  • Now its all Done….
  • Now select Reboot and tap System ..
  • its all Done…



adb reboot bootloader
fastboot flash recovery recoveryname.img
fastboot boot recoveryname.img