Nexili Valo T: In India

Introducing the Nexili Valo T – your passport to a vibrant world of dynamic lighting! Unleash your creativity and illuminate your content with this sleek and versatile RGB LED Tube light, tailor-made for today’s savvy content creators. Elevate your videos, photos, and livestreams like never before!

Why settle for ordinary when you can embrace the extraordinary? Nexili Valo T brings you a mesmerizing 0-360 RGB Color Range, ensuring your visuals pop with a burst of captivating hues. Revel in the brilliance of High Color Accuracy with a CRI of 98, guaranteeing lifelike colors that translate flawlessly on screen.

Adjusting your lighting setup has never been more effortless – choose from a flexible Color Temperature range of 3200K to 6200K to achieve the perfect mood for any scenario. And if you’re looking to add some excitement, dive into the Pre-set FX Mode, offering a kaleidoscope of lighting effects to spice up your content.

The Nexili Valo T isn’t just a lighting tool; it’s a creative powerhouse. Stack multiple units for an immersive light experience, and mesh them together to seamlessly integrate into your setup. Thanks to its magnetic design, you can effortlessly mount it on metal surfaces, giving you the freedom to explore unique shooting angles.

Take command of your lighting universe with the Nexili Valo T App. Whether you’re fine-tuning colors, experimenting with effects, or synchronizing multiple units, our user-friendly app puts the control at your fingertips.

Illuminate your world with Nexili Valo T – where innovation meets versatility, and your content shines with unparalleled brilliance!