Spoofing caller ID in Just 5 minutes


WARNING: This is illegal if you use it for malicious purposes but as long as you just want to joke around a bit no one will bother.

After this tutorial you will be able to:

  • Spoof Caller-ID
  • Change your voice to female/male
  • Record the call
  • Add background audio
  • Make a group call

Article Contents

Lets start…
Go to This site!

1. Click sign Up in the upper right corner.

2. Now it is a paid service so you’ll have to pay a few bucks for this but not much. Just pick one of theese:


3. Now you’ll be taken to the payment area and this is pretty straight forward. You just fill out the blanks and click purchase credits.


4. Now that you have your account setup just login with your phone number and pincode that you created and remember to choose your country code from the list like shown here:

Skjermbilde 2015-10-03 12.05.44


Now to the final part…

5. As you see in the picture bellow we have out destination and “source” number fields. Bellow that you can simply click on and off the features you want to add to your call, when finished, click “Place Your Call”. Its that simple


Info: When you choose your country code and fill inn the phone number you will see a “cost pr minute” appear like this:


6. When you click place you call you will be taken to the number to dial. It will then forward your call to the “Victim” showing the spoofed number on his/her phone.


IMPORTANT: The number that we need to dial is located in US we then have to add: 00 for calling out of Norway and 1 for US so the number to dial will be:

001 408 516 5121

It may ask for a Accsess code, I have sensored it on the picture because this will change upon each call made.

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