Top 11 Camera Apps For Android Phone

Camera Apps For Android

Cameras Apps on Android-Smartphone’s managed to catch up and sometimes even surpass the quality of the iPhone’s camera. The camera software is a separate story. Some devices get ugly and too complicated applications that prevent you from taking great photos. Fortunately, on Android, everything can be changed and customized. Below are ten excellent camera applications that you can download from the store.


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1. Open Camera

One of the best among the free open source applications is Open Camera. This camera application has everything that it can only need. There are an automatic stabilization and manual control over the white balance, ISO, exposure. If you need a camera with extensive control capabilities, it will be difficult to find an option better. Download from Play Store

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Google Camera apk

2. Google Camera

For a long time, the Google Camera application had only basic capabilities. It was a good replacement for too complex applications from OEMs. But in the past few years, the functionality of Google Camera has become more extensive. There is an Auto-HDR mode, slow-motion shooting, Burst mode and panoramic shooting. This is a great application if you need features beyond basic, but not too complicated.


3. Snap Camera HDR

Snap Camera HDR- one of the few HDR-cameras, which, moreover, is constantly updated, overgrown with interesting shooting functions.

In brief about what HDR is. This feature makes it possible to shoot photos in dark and lighted space. Two photos are taken, after which they are mixed; at the output you get a full HDR-photo. The final result (image in HDR-format) can be edited in the built-in editor of Snap Camera.

The Snap Camera HDR camera is nowhere simpler: everything is controlled by two buttons and a wheel that allows you to quickly change the modes of photography. Naturally, gestures are supported: zoom, photo preview, photo adjustment. The volume buttons can be used for focusing or zooming. Free Download Snap Camera HDR App.

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Manual Camera apk

4. Manual Camera

Manual Camera was the first application with a new application interface programming 2 camera API in the Android Lollipop system. It remains one of the best camera applications with manual focus control, shutter speed, white balance, ISO, exposure, etc. Manual Camera supports shooting in RAW format. Despite the long list of controls, the application is easy to use.

Camera fv5

5. Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is another application with excellent manual controls. Here you can adjust the focus, white balance, exposure, shutter speed, etc. FV-5 supports RAW, PNG without loss of quality, JPEG and RGB histogram, so photos can be edited after shooting. Download Here

Camera JB +

6. Camera JB +

If you want to return to the days of the Android Jelly Bean operating system, Camera JB + is a repetition of its stock camera application. Despite the fact that this is a remake of the old camera, it has everything it needs. Supports video recording 4K, panorama, Burst mode, live effects and more. Play Store

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Proshot apk download

7. ProShot

ProShot is a rare application that on Windows Phone has become popular before Android. Now it is available on the Google platform and is one of the best cameras for professional photographers. Here you can change the aspect ratio of the pictures, compression levels, save photos to RAW format, take group pictures with the help of a timer, take pictures in Burst mode, and shoot time-lapse videos. Professional functions are available for a certain cost.

Camera MX apk download

8. Camera MX

Camera MX is an old application, but it’s worth a look. The program regularly receives updates and has different modes, support for 16: 9 aspect ratios, Live Shot mode, and many photo editing tools after shooting. There are no manual controls here, as in many other programs on this list, but their lack is compensated for by editing capabilities. Download from Play Store

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DSLR Camera Pro apk download

9. DSLR Camera Pro

With such a solid name from the camera application, you can expect no less solid functionality. There are all the necessary elements of manual control, including white balance, ISO, exposure compensation and live RGB histograms. One of the most interesting features is a two-level shutter button that allows you to focus first and then take pictures. Similarly, there is a physical shutter button on real cameras. Download from Play Store

A Better Camera apk download

10. A Better Camera

Judging by the name, the developers of this application do not have ambitions. There are many shooting modes available, including Burst, the best frame, the only frame, night shooting, pre-shooting, HDR and much more. Between modes, you can quickly switch. You do not need to work with sliders and other complex controls. Download Link

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Cardboard Camera apk download11. Cardboard Camera

The latest in this list is an interesting application that works with Google Cardboard and headcount devices of virtual reality. The application allows you to shoot panoramas with a viewing angle of 360 degrees. During photography, you can record sound, which makes the frames more alive when viewed later. This is useful for recording your memories. Available on Play store

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