[Latest] Free Internet Trick in Airtel #NetifyVPN [UPDATED 2017] [VpnTricks]


Now days finding a working trick is lot of time taking process and no one is providing best working trick. 

 Why we need this ? A great hike in price of internet packs by telecom companies so we are finding a alternate resource to get connected to world. So i.e why new generation is doing this .

      So, now i,m going share a new working airtel trick

firstly download Netify. app 

and open it and just select proxy type Realhost

and put there in

 proxy server-www.airtel.in/opennetwork , www.airtel.in, live.airtelworld.com and one.airtel.in 

and you can put any free airtel working page (HOST) 

OF your area and save it 

      thats it. and wait till it connects when connects VOILLAaaaa…..

and now you are live you can get speed as per your network selection

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Working fine with 2g/3g/4g

speed 1 mb/ps 

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Like wifi hacking or any other thing related to it..

Very Soon i m going to post about wifi hacking….


  1.  This tutorial is just for educational pupose try at your own risk.
  2. Do not use more than 150 mb a day it will lead to sim blockage