Whats is Google’s Titan Security Key? New Digital Threat Safety?

Google's Titan Security Key

Google announced it’s Titan Security Key, a usb like device that can be use to keep safe from digital threats of internet. We had seen many phase of technology from atom bomb to smartphone, but now it’s world of digital weapons. To tackles these digital threats tech giants are working hard to make their database safe from hackers. Whether it’s a malware-ridden thumb drive, an email phishing scam that tricks a native employee, or even a security hold in the hardware or software itself.

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Google's Titan Security Key

What is Google’s Titan Security Key?

Google’s key is working on FIDO U2F protocol, short for “universal 2nd factor.” This key is following the concept of smart card, you merely insert the key into a USB port or tap it against an NFC-compatible smartphone. When you create an online account (or update your existing security preferences), your PC will create two encrypted tokens: one public and one private.

In past few years, we had seen many computer hijacking cases happens with big tech giants like Equifax, eBay, JP Morgan Chase, Yahoo, Target, Adobe, and many more. Also, recently we came across from malware attack and seen hackers asking for Payment in Bitcoin.

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Google's Titan Security Key

Learning from others, Google wants to make sure this does not happen to them. Recently Google announced that their 85,000 employees have not been hacked since 2017. Google thinks they find out a solution for online security, as they think they could be prime target for these type of hacks.

Let me tell you these security keys are not new in the market, but now Google is pushing or encouraging peoples to use them on regular basis for their online security. By this way a question takes place what’s new in Google’s Titan Key? For now we can say it has custom firmware developed by Google. These Titan Keys will be available in both NFC/Bluetooth and USB format and will be available for sale to open public in next few months on Google Store.

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If we talk about its price, then these keys will cost you around $20 or $25 (around 3,000 Rs.) in India.

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