Instagram ID Phone Number Finder!

Finding a phone number on Instagram can be a bit tricky! Instagram is a really popular site where millions of people connect online. It’s like a place where you share your stories and chat with friends.

When you made your Instagram account, you probably used your phone number. Most sites need it for checking if it’s really you. Email works too, but using your phone number is easier.

Imagine you want to team up with an influencer or connect with your audience. Sure, you can send them a direct message (DM), but they might not reply. What if you want something more direct, like their phone number?

Well, it’s not that simple. Instagram keeps it a secret. Even if someone used their number to sign up, Instagram won’t tell you. No private info shows up on their bio, even if they have a public account.

So, how can you get a phone number from an Instagram account? That’s the tricky part!

Can You Find Someone’s Phone Number from Instagram?

Before we delve deeper into the subject of finding someone’s phone number from Instagram, let’s first consider the possibility of such a thing happening. Can you find someone’s phone number on Instagram?


That being said, the level of effort you’ll need to put into this activity is determined by how interested said person is in their sharing their contact details on this platform. Are you confused?

We can understand why you’d be feeling that way at this point. Give us some time to explain and bear with us as we explore various opportunities for the same.

How to Get Phone Number from Instagram Account

1. Instagram Phone Number Finder by iStaunch

Instagram Phone Number Finder by iStaunch is a free online tool that lets you find the phone number of someone’s Instagram account. All you have to do is enter the username of the person in the given box and tap on the submit button. That’s it, next you will see the phone number of entered username account.

2. Look at Profile Bio (Find Phone Number by Instagram ID)

There is a chance your prospect must have added their phone number to their profile. You don’t have to search or dig for any information.

The phone number is clearly visible below the bio section, which means you can easily gather their contact details. Some users mention the phone number of their assistants, managers, and those who handle their accounts.

3. Ask them Politely

If you want to collaborate with a brand or a celebrity, then the best thing you can do is request their phone number on Instagram. Find the Instagram account of your target user and send them a message asking them about their mobile number.

There is a good chance the person will send you their contact number given that your profile seems genuine and you have an offer that interests the user.

4. Check their Other Profiles

Perhaps, the Instagram user has mentioned their mobile number on other social sites or their website. You can easily locate their number through their website. You could get their website link from their Instagram bio and visit their page to see if they have mentioned their contact details.

Most companies, bloggers, and regular Instagram users mention their contact details on their websites just so the prospects could connect with them effortlessly.

5. Instagram ID Details Number – Third Party Tool

Some users are hesitant to employ the help of a third-party tool in cases like these, mostly because they don’t trust the information provided by them. However, with changing times and the growing need for prospect contact information, more and more tools are designed every day to share with you only the genuine contact information of the people you seek.


While there is no direct way to obtain the contact number of a user through Instagram unless they have added it to their bio, you can follow the above tips to locate the number.

From checking out their websites and other social networking platforms to asking them to share their phone number, there are many ways you can find their mobile numbers through Instagram.