miui 12

MIUI 12 will Will Make Smartphones Sound Better

Although Xiaomi has already introduced it, the MIUI 12 is not yet known in detail. Many users test the trial version of this newness, slowly discovering the innovations it will bring soon.

Even though the main improvements are known, there is still room for the brand to bring some new features. One has now emerged and will give Xiaomi smartphone users unprecedented control over the sound.

More Surprises are coming to MIUI 12

With the MIUI 12 beta version already being exhaustively tested, new features that have not been revealed by the brand are beginning to emerge. Its interface and the improvements introduced in this new version of the Xiaomi customization cover were focused on its two presentations.

It shows how sound can be controlled in the brand’s smartphones. We already knew that a floating widget would appear, but now we know more and primarily how it can interact in different ways.

Detailed sound control for each app

From what has been revealed, this control will not be limited to being general and cumulative for MIUI 12. It can be extended to each of the apps that run on Xiaomi smartphones, in isolation, and with total differentiation.

The interface will adapt, and when trying to control the volume of the sound, it will show the apps that are accessing this feature, and each one can be managed differently. Each will have a progress bar, differentiated, and distinct from the total volume of smartphones.

MIUI 12 sound control

Xiaomi will spread the news to everyone soon.

For now, this news seems to be only being tested in the latest beta version that is being tested in China. Soon, and if no problems are detected, it will be extended by Xiaomi to the final version of MIUI 12 for everyone to use.

This is yet another improvement that Xiaomi has made to its smartphones. This novelty is not well known in the Android universe and thus becomes another excellent brand offer for its users and smartphones.